mindful flow

Mindful Flow focuses on slowing down and allowing practitioners to settle into and feel the poses. Sun Salutations are incorporated into the warm-up, and vinyasas are offered throughout the class, so there will be opportunities to get into the rhythm of breath and movement. Once the body is warmed up, poses are thoughtfully explained and held for about 5 breaths each.

vinyasa flow

Vinyasa Flow is a class that focuses on building heat and strength in the body. Poses are sequenced together so that they flow from one to the next, and there is an emphasis on linking breath with movement. These classes might include arm balances, inversions, and more challenging poses, but they are thoughtfully taught by our instructors so that all levels can attend this class and work from where they are.

forrest yoga

Forrest Yoga, created by Ana Forrest, is for every body and every level of practitioner.   Class will include breath work and core work to get centered and strong.  The pace is slower than a Vinyasa Flow class and about the same as a Mindful Flow class.  Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility (although it will help you toprogress in both!) – you only need a willingness to be present and to feel into your body.  Forrest Yoga can help you to live more intentionally and to be more empowered, both on and off your mat.

stress management

Using the breath combined with slow movement, stretching, and strength poses, practitioners will allow the body to release stress and relax the mind. Participants report lower blood pressure, less anxiety, and increased well-being. Students have reported this class feels like a mini-vacation.

gentle flow & stretching

If you’re looking for a yoga class that incorporates gentle movement and overall body stretching, this is the class for you. Whether you are 55+ or just need a break from your typical yoga or fitness class, this class is super chill. Props, blankets, and bolsters support your way to wellness and tranquility.

slow flow

This is a slower paced flow that allows students to find the connection between breath and movement. Poses are held a little longer to help develop strength and flexibility through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body. 


If you are not a member at the studio, you can attend these class and pay what works for your budget. You will not be able to sign up in advance, but simply show up and we will sign you in. We accept cash and card. If you are a member, this class is included with your membership.

harmony flow

A Hatha styled class set to a great playlist to get you out of bed and out of your head. A great way to start your day!


This class is a unique blend of yoga postures and flow, functional movement, and education about how to move efficiently and effectively. Taught by a physical therapist, you are likely to come across self-soft tissue release techniques, funky pose transitions intended to challenge your typical movement patterns, and a blend of mobility and stability that will leave you with a balanced practice. Come with curiosity and a sense of humor, in the body you have right now, and we’ll make sure the movements fit YOU.