Blue Morpho Yoga Logo.jpg

Blue Morpho Yoga began after the closing of Karmany Yoga. After an unexpected loss of the beloved owner, Elyse, who managed Karmany at the time, knew that the community of teachers and students that had come together in that space was something very special. She also knew that their time in that space had come to an end. She wanted to create a new space built off of the community who had always exuded such acceptance, authenticity, and love. This is that new space.

The Blue Morpho butterfly is a reminder of the journey out of our comfort zones that is needed for growth. It symbolizes the trust necessary in times of hardship and change that we will not be in that place forever. Richard Bach said, "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a buterfly." In another sense, the Blue Morpho butterfly also represents the personal journey of metaMORPHOsis that yoga ignites in each of us. With practice, yoga removes layers within our minds and bodies that have built up over the years that keep us from living our most authentic lives. It helps us to shed what no longer serves us and become connected to our deepest Selves. 

Yoga, connection to Self, and a loving yoga community are not confined to a building. They are much more powerful than that. But, in this new space, we are looking forward to building on what we began in our previous space and continually growing into something beautiful and purposeful.