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Private Sessions:

Private Sessions are available upon request. Pricing and availability depend on the teacher. Please email elyse@bluemorphoyoga.com for scheduling or questions.

Nutrition with Julie Kennedy:

Initial Consult and 1 Hour Visit: $80

45 Minute Session: $65

Please email elyse@bluemorphoyoga.com for questions or to set up an appointment.

Julie Kennedy aims to employ a comprehensive approach to integrative nutrition advisory.   She works with her clients to optimize their diets for their specific needs and considerations.  She uses a combination of culinary education, lifestyle modifications, and physical fitness regimens to bring people to their best health.

 Resulting from her own personal journey from illness to wellness, as well as her training and vast experience helping other willing individuals, Julie has made it her life’s mission to aid and empower others in developing healthy lifestyles. At age 20, while attending nursing school at TCU, Julie was diagnosed with discoid lupus. The medications she was treated with made her feel even worse, so Julie developed the necessary knowledge and skills to take charge of her own health.  Part of this included transitioning from pharmaceutical medications to a holistically-based protocol. She remained in remission for ten years by leading a healthy lifestyle.

After a 10-year stint in remission, Julie’s lupus resurfaced after the birth of her daughter in 2009. Julie was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, and hormone imbalances. Additionally, Julie’s daughter struggled with severe gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Julie found herself exploring a whole world of food allergies and intolerances to treat her daughter, as well as autoimmune, hormone, thyroid and adrenal remedies for herself. Once again, Julie was determined to treat herself, and now her daughter, naturally. Today, Julie and her daughter are living in wellness and thriving based on their holistic lifestyles.

Julie is certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  She works as a Functional Medicine Nurse, and is working towards certification as a Functional Medicine Practitioner.  She enjoys traveling with her husband and daughter, teaching and practicing yoga, and all things food and outdoors!