Workshops & Events


One Love Fits All Fort Worth

Self-Massage, Movement, & Meditation

Fundraising class benefiting Embody Love Movement

Taught By Tiffany Denny

October 18 * 6:00 - 7:30pm


Let's come together as a yoga community and practice in support of an organization that serves self-identifying women and girls with programs inspiring body acceptance and compassion for themselves and others. Dr. Tiffany Denny will offer a practice consisting of self-massage with balls and other props, gentle and playful yoga asana, meditation, and a long savasana, followed by refreshments, camaraderie, and a generous amount of gratitude! 

This class is offered by donation, with all proceeds given in support of Embody Love Movement's annual fundraiser, One Love Fits All. You can learn more about the organization's fundraiser at You can sign up in advance on the MindBody App it sign up at the door.

Sculpt Yoga Workshop

with Amy Luskey

Will Take place in november

cost: Donation (suggested minimum donation is $10 per person)


This yoga workshop offers a combination of a traditional yoga sequence and incorporates light weights throughout the class.  The addition of the weights enables us to add a bit more of a strength component than yoga alone.  Weight training involves using resistance designed to challenge all of your muscle groups and helps to strengthen bones, and  protect our ligaments and tendons. The addition of some sort of strength training can be beneficial in our everyday life and can improve coordination and balance.  

The class will begin with a warm up, and will get you to ready to flow to fun music, while we add strength to our warrior series and floor work.  Class will finish with core work and of course no class would be complete without a Savasana!  Don’t let any of this scare you and if weights aren’t your thing but you want to try this class out, I will offer options of just bodyweight alone.  

To pre-register, sign up through the MINDBODY app the same way you would for a regularly scheduled class. Go to October 19th on the schedule and sign up.


Relax & Restore with Gong & Nidra

with Elyse & Kenny Kolter

Nov 2 * 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Cost: $30 before Oct 18 or $40 after


Take some time to truly slow down and calm your nervous system before the holiday season starts. Restorative yoga is passive stretching with long holds in poses supported by props rather than using your muscles. It is a very gentle practice: the physical sensations are minimal, and the practice is more about creating release and softening into the props, allowing your body to fully surrender into rest. After practicing restorative yoga, Elyse will lead a yoga nidra meditation, which helps you move into a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, which helps to release stress and create deep relaxation. Throughout this practice, Kenny will play an arrangement of meditative instruments, including gong, singing bowls, and chimes. This session will end with a gong bath, which consists of resting in a fully supported resting posture while Kenny plays his instruments so that the effects of our yoga practice can be fully enjoyed and soaked in.


wheel workshop

with amanda quintanilla

Nov 16 * 1:00- 3:00 pm

Cost: 3 different options (See the write-up below)


Have you seen those Yoga Wheel's all over social media lately? Been curious about them but not sure where to start? Did you get one, but don't know what to do with it? Join us in studio with yours or borrow one of ours to learn how to incorporate a wheel into your practice. We will go over the foundations of using a wheel and how to use it with some basic poses for stability as well as how to increase strength in more foundational poses like Warrior II and Lunges.

Enjoy three different registration options:

If you have your own wheel to bring - $30

If you'd like to use one of ours - $40 (only 5 spots available with this option)

If you'd like to have a wheel ready to take home - $70 you get to bring your wheel home with you ($15 off wheel cost)