Workshops & Events



with Elyse & Kenny Kolter

August 17 from 1:30 - 3:00 pm

Cost: $30


Join Elyse and Kenny Kolter for an afternoon of restorative yoga set to meditative gong, singing bowls, and chimes. Come ready to rest in gentle poses supported by props and allow your mind to rest while soaking up the vibrations from the healing gong.


Acro Yoga Workshop

with Amanda & Eric Quintanilla

September 28 from 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Cost: $30/person or $50/couple


Join Amanda and Eric Quintanilla in this beginner workshop to build strength, communication, and trust.

Each class will begin with a yoga flow that will prepare your body for what we will be doing in the air and your mind for working with a partner. This is followed by strength and trust building exercises that will test and strengthen your communication skills with your classmates. Finally, we will take our practice to the air in AcroYoga and use these newfound skills. We will team up in groups to ensure a safe environment in the air.

Let your inhibitions go and take flight with us.

*no partner necessary to attend 

The Practice : ancient wisdom for a modern world

with Lauren Wessinger

a 4 week series: Fridays : 10 - 11:30 am

september 6, 13, 20, & 27

Cost: $100 for series : $30 drop-in 


The Practice brings you four full yoga classes, all contemplative in nature. With good clean geometry in postures and with intentional breathing, develop your capacity to move through everything presented to you in life with more resilience and grace. From strength to rest, breath to philosophy, and of course always meditation, expect to leave each practice with an inward connection and  a quiet strength in the world.


Carlos Y Beau: A yoga experience

September 7 * 1:30-2:45pm

Cost: $30


This yoga practice will be led by Beau Jennings who will take you through a Vinyasa Flow practice to the music of Carlos Ramos who is a classically trained guitarist from Costa Rica. He plays latin inspired world music. Together they will guide you through a practice set to a tempo to help you connect with your flow and take you deeper into your practice of both your physical and present state. Carlos is a certified yoga instructor and a very soulful guitarist who loops beats and incorporates other instruments into his teaching for a very pleasant experience. He will play segments of music with his instruments individually, then loop them together to create the sound of a full band playing. Beau, a Blue Morpho instructor and long-time friend of Carlos, will be working in unison to deliver an intentional practice incorporating his singing bowls for an unforgettable experience. Come challenge yourself in a gentle way. We hope you all can join us in the musical Yoga event!


wall for & self-adjustments

with Gabby Douglas

September 14 * 3-5pm

early bird: $40, Regular: $45


In this two hour workshop, led by Gabrielle Douglas, we will warm up our yoga practice by utilizing the wall for support. This will help to energize, and strengthen our arms, legs, shoulders, and hips as well as deep stretch the whole body. Once our bodies are warmed up and we are more connected with deep breathing, we will learn how to safely adjust ourselves during long holds in each pose. This will help us to support our bodies and alignment during our practice. Plus, it will create more open space in our physical bodies which helps us to breathe deeper into where we feel each pose working for us.

With spacious bodies and calm minds we will relax in legs up the wall before a long, final relaxation to allow our bodies rest.