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Kathy bedward

Kathy took her first yoga class in 1990, and had an “on-again-off-again” relationship with yoga until 1999, when she discovered that a regular practice of yoga helps make everything else about life better! She completed her 200-hour Foundations Training with Ana Forrest, and she loves sharing Forrest Yoga because it helps you to heal body, mind, and spirit, and to move beyond the habits that no longer serve you.  Kathy’s classes focus on accepting yourself as you are, finding your deep breath, and learning how to feel good in your body.  You do not need to be strong or flexible or “good at yoga” – you just need to be willing to show up, feel into your body, and be where you are.  Her hope is that you can learn how to take the focus, strength, compassion, and healing that you create on your mat and use them in the rest of your life to nourish your soul.


tiffany denny

Dr. Tiffany Denny is a yoga therapist and physical therapist with a specialty in orthopedics, and has been teaching yoga since 2005. She has a knack for weaving anatomy and biomechanical cueing into mindful, creative class sequences that help students deepen and stay inspired in their asana practice while developing self-awareness and self-compassion. 

Tiffany loves to offer practices that facilitate a deeper understanding of physical and energetic anatomy, and the development of a healthy, positive relationship with the body. She is the current Executive Director of Embody Love Movement, a non-profit whose mission is to "empower girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and contribute to meaningful change in the world."

Tiffany believes that yoga has the potential to foster improved self-image, increased overall wellness, and transformation through self-exploration. She hopes that her classes are fun and challenging while remaining welcoming and unintimidating. She genuinely can’t wait to meet you in class!


Amy luskey

Amy started her workout life when her children were very young.  Weight training and endurance activities had always been her passion.  In 2000, she received her Personal Training Certification and currently works as a Personal Trainer.  

Amy would occasionally dabble in yoga but was never committed. However, that all changed when she stepped on her mat in the spring of 2011, and she hasn't stepped off since!   Amy completed her 200 hour Advanced Yoga Certification in the Spring 2016.  She loves to teach a flow class as well as  introduce beginners to this beautiful practice.  Amy brings a passion for the physical practice and an enthusiasm to constantly learn more.

"I love everything that yoga gives me; the mind- body connection coupled with the strength and flexibility. I am doing things in my yoga practice I would never imagine I could do! Connecting with people in yoga both on and off my mat gives me so much joy and satisfaction". 


Beth Bolton

Beth started practicing yoga in high school, but it didn’t stick consistently until she was working full time as an adult and constantly stressed. She turned to yoga as exercise, but quickly became obsessed with the benefits it offered her mind. She saw how yoga helped with her anxiety and depression, and she have been practicing ever since. Beth completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2016 at The Sanctuary Yoga Room in Fort Worth. She loves teaching a blend of powerful poses with gentle poses to leave you feeling super strong and blissed out. She also likes to incorporate pranayama, or breathing techniques, to help you go deeper in to your yoga practice. As a licensed professional counselor, Beth loves to help others see how practicing yoga can create a ripple effect of goodness in to the rest of your life. She wants to help you reach your goals on and off the mat, and she love seeing the community yoga creates. Her classes are open to all levels, and modifications and props are always encouraged. Beth tries her best to teach from a body positive and trauma informed approach so all feel welcome. 


Christin Garrison

Chris began practicing yoga to recover after having spinal fusion in 2001. She teaches with an awareness that our weaknesses can be our greatest opportunities for growth. Certified 200 E-RYT in Texas Power Yoga since 2010 , Chris has also studied Ashtanga, Yin, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Prenatal & Children’s Yoga, Assisting & Modifications.  Each class is created with balance and ease by focusing on breath and movement leaving you stronger and more aware. 


keitha spears

Keitha has practiced many different styles of yoga off and on for about a decade. In 2011, plagued with injuries attributed to marathon training, she turned whole-heartedly to yoga in a desperate attempt to quickly heal her bodily aches and pains. However, after a quiet instructor named Gigi ended a stunningly beautiful Candlelight Flow class with a short meditation and a reading of “The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver, she knew that yoga was intended for more than just her body.

 With an intense curiosity as to what yoga could offer beyond the physical body, she began looking into teacher training programs. In 2015, the stars aligned and in September of that year she completed a nine month long 200 Hour Teaching Training with Shannon Buffington, E-RYT RYS. Her training focused on anatomy and physiology, vinyasa krama, pranayama, mantra and the science of sound, meditation (theory and practice), yoga philosophy/history and special populations.


For Keitha, yoga allowed for a much needed shift in living and an awareness that has truly been life changing. She works to bring thoughtful and intentional sequencing and a focus on energetics and breath to all of her classes. Keitha draws energy from spending time in nature, loving on her two rescue dogs and adventuring around the world with her husband.


Elyse Sullivan

Elyse received her teaching certification in Costa Rica through Frog Lotus Yoga in 2011, and she has been teaching ever since. She teaches a vinyasa flow class and sequences in a way so that the poses flow naturally from one to the next. She emphasizes safe alignment, mindful breath, and longer holds in poses to create strength and flexibility. She sprinkles in yogic philosophy and wisdom, but she also allows time for quiet reflection. She enjoys teaching because it continually inspires her to grow in her own practice and knowledge. Yoga, both in its physical practice and philosophy, has deeply impacted Elyse’s life, and it is an honor for her to share this practice with others. Her hope is that students feel grounded, strong, and centered when they attend her classes and leave with a deeper connection to themselves, and because of that, an ability to live with more awareness and authenticity in their day-to-day lives.


Lauren Bailey 

Lauren Bailey (LB) is dedicated to sharing the practice of yoga in a therapeutic, accessible, and hands-on way. Through depression, anxiety, and everyday experiences of being human, the practice has steadied her with accessible tools to evolve in healing both physical and emotional pain. In 2014, She completed her 200 hr Foundation Training with Ana Forrest. Forrest Yoga is a physically intense and internally focused practice designed to help heal patterns and beliefs that aren’t sustainable through the four pillars of: Breath, Strength, Integrity, and Spirit. This path opened her to living more intentionally, empowered, and available to meet the challenges life presents with willingness and a humble heart. She went on to complete two additional continuing education programs through Forrest Yoga, adding over 200 hrs of study, mentoring, and self inquiry. She quickly discovered her intuitive ability to work with her hands and desired to bring this healing technique into her classes and her private healing sessions. LB has completed Reiki 1, 2, and advanced Reiki 3. She has also completed an 80 hr Yoga Bodyworkers Training for optimizing functional movement through practical tools that speed up recovery and improve intrinsic mobility patterns. She loves studying all types of yoga and is currently apart of a 200 hr KRI certified Kundalini training. Recently LB and her friend Ashley have created Guardian Sessions: 4 handsin tandem providing healing work to help clients regulate, rest, and recover though a combination of healing modalities. She uses these physical and energetic practices to see how to best serve and empower the soul in front of her. Lauren Bailey loves yoga, healing work, breath work, and ceremony and is so grateful for how it has helped her come alive and awaken to how she can be of service here on this earth! The practice is medicine. The tools, grace, and connection to love her practice provides are what she hopes to share with her students.


Lorelei St James

Lorelei is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor who focuses on mindful alignment, anatomy, and breath—classical tenants of yoga.  Lorelei brings the joy of yoga to her students by being able to modify yoga poses to meet the levels and abilities of her students.  Students call her classes “meditation in motion” as her classes focus on the breath and the gentle movement of the body.  Her classes are balanced with a gentle warmup and whole body stretching, followed by strength and balance building poses, and ending with restorative postures.  Lorelei has over 1000 hours of teaching experience and hundreds of hours of training.  She has studied various types of yoga such as Hatha, Vajra and Kundalini yoga, and is a nationally certified instructor in Restorative Yoga, as taught by Judith Laster.  Lorelei has also completed a 100 hour certification in yoga anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, nationally known expert in yoga anatomy. Lorelei’s journey is one of constant learning and she will complete her RYT-500 hour certification in 2018, which will include a national certification in Pre and Post Natal Yoga. She enjoys teaching Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Gentle Hatha Yoga. She is also certified to teach yoga to older adults, focusing on safety, alignment, and balance. If you are looking for a way to decrease and better manage your stress level, her classes are meant for you. 



caitlin koch

Caitlin began taking yoga classes in college for exercise, but soon felt the benefits in the whole mind, body, and spirit. The practice of yoga has helped her manage the stress and clear her mind of her busy career as a music educator in a local school district. Her all-level classes begin with finding and deepening the breath before transitioning into an energetic vinyasa flow. Class ends with winding down stretches and savasana set to relaxing music. She enjoys the sense of community at Blue Morpho and loves to practice in that space. She hopes her students leave class feeling strong, centered, and calm. Caitlin completed Elyse’s 200 hour Blue Morpho Yoga Teacher Training in September and is grateful to begin teaching


julie kennedy

Julie began her yoga journey after sustaining a knee injury, resulting in four surgeries and scar tissue complications. As a former soccer player and runner, movement has always been a healing aspect of Julie’s life. Movement has been her drug of choice to alleviate anxiety and depression. After her knee injury and complications, her friend recommended Bikram Yoga. It wasn’t love at first practice. But she stuck with it, and began to crave going. She had even set out to attend Bikram teacher training. After the birth of her daughter, various stressful life circumstances, and many injuries under her belt, Julie needed more to help with healing on all levels. And she also knew that she wanted to teacher train and share the healing powers of yoga. She attended a Baptiste Power Yoga class, and fell in love. She signed up for teacher training six weeks later. Over that next two years, she completed her RYT-200 and assisted Baron Baptiste in workshops. Some of her other favorite master teachers include: Tias Little, Dr. Ray Long, MD, and Kathryn Budig. Julie is also working on her yoga for scoliosis certification with Elise Browning Miller. Julie’s yoga philosophy is that yoga is accessible for everyone. With a background in nursing and life experiences with injury and autoimmune disease, Julie is passionate about helping students of all backgrounds. Her teaching style is rehabilitative with a focus in anatomy/physiology, alignment, modifications, and overall functional wellness. Julie is a Fort Worth local and Texas Christian University alum. Julie is also a Functional Medicine Nurse, and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. When not helping in these roles, she is spending time with her ten-year old daughter and husband. She enjoys nutrition, cooking, traveling and building community. Julie loves helping students achieve optimal health through holistic means of yoga, nutrition, and an all around healthy lifestyle.


melissa padilla

Yoga is the relationship built between the body, mind and soul.  It cultivates our strengths and helps us live a life of balance, freedom, and well being.  After utilizing yoga for many years on her own journey of physical and spiritual growth, Melissa decided to share the benefits of yoga by becoming a teacher.  She completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow training with Blue Morpho Yoga in 2018 and has found teaching to be one of her greatest joys in life.  With the combination of creative sequencing, positive energy and sincerity, Melissa strives to help others deepen their practice so that they can comfortably and competently move through life

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nikki slobodin

Nikki came to yoga after a lot of reluctance and mostly out of obligation. A very dear friend, who happens to be a proficient yoga practitioner, bought Nikki a gift card to a local Fort Worth yoga studio in early 2012.  The gift allowed for Nikki’s attendance to five yoga classes.  Not wanting to be an ingrate, Nikki used the gift.  It wasn’t love at first yoga class, however, by the third class she was hooked and she has been religiously practicing yoga ever since. Yoga has saved Nikki and helped her maintain some internal peace through In vitro fertilization, the suicide of her beloved younger brother, the illness and hospitalization of her youngest child at the age of 1 year old, and all the rest of life’s little challenges. Because Nikki experienced yoga’s healing power, she decided in 2017 to become a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and has been regularly teaching yoga classes ever since. Nikki’s first love is Forrest Yoga but she has since become a practitioner of an eclectic mix of yogic traditions and she brings this mix to her teaching. Her desire is to teach classes that allow for space so that each student may heal energetically and physically, as well as connect to pure presence. She does this by using her life-experience, intuitive sense of energy, and grounding presence to offer yoga, insight, and a bit of levity to the individuals she is fortunate to encounter.

When not in the yoga studio, Nikki volunteers at the Fort Worth Jewish Archives and is on the board of directors for the Jewish Education Agency of Fort Worth. You may also catch her playing with crystals and essential oils, snuggling with one of her 5 goats or 5 dogs on her little slice of Texas heaven, or just hanging with her husband and two gorgeous children that make her life complete.