Amber Chalker

Amber fell in love with yoga a few years ago. She was going through a tough transition between college graduation, moving to a new city, and trying to find a job. Yoga became an outlet to all of her problems; the spirit of the people, environment and physical exercise really spoke to her. She started to see a huge transformation in not only her physical self, but also in her thoughts and mentality.  She decided she wanted to take her knowledge further and deepen her practice, knowing it was her calling. 

Amber trained through Core Power Yoga and received her 200 hour PYTT certification. The program was based off of Baron Baptiste’s fundamental principals of logical sequencing, breath, alignment and posture. Since then she taught full time at two different studios for a couple of years at Core Power and Karmany Yoga. She learned to be creative in sequencing and theming, and learned about all different body types, people’s physical age, injuries and more.

Since she found out she was pregnant last year, her teaching style had to change as her body changed through out. She began teaching at Shady Oaks Country Club where she taught more relaxed and restorative, non-heated classes.  She is also very knowledgeable on modifications and variations of poses to accommodate woman expecting, as well as postpartum. 

Amber now teaches an energizing, vinyasa power flow class. Her classes usually begin relaxed, work eventually into a peak pose, and then wind down into a nice relaxing Savasana. All levels and abilities are welcome. She offers modifications and enhancements to all poses to accommodate everyone. 


Beth Bolton

Beth started practicing yoga in high school, but it didn’t stick consistently until she was working full time as an adult and constantly stressed. She turned to yoga as exercise, but quickly became obsessed with the benefits it offered her mind. She saw how yoga helped with her anxiety and depression, and she have been practicing ever since. Beth completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2016 at The Sanctuary Yoga Room in Fort Worth. She loves teaching a blend of powerful poses with gentle poses to leave you feeling super strong and blissed out. She also likes to incorporate pranayama, or breathing techniques, to help you go deeper in to your yoga practice. As a licensed professional counselor, Beth loves to help others see how practicing yoga can create a ripple effect of goodness in to the rest of your life. She wants to help you reach your goals on and off the mat, and she love seeing the community yoga creates. Her classes are open to all levels, and modifications and props are always encouraged. Beth tries her best to teach from a body positive and trauma informed approach so all feel welcome. 


Dana Hill

During Dana's first yoga practice, the teacher, Elyse Sullivan, instructed “check in with your breath.” “Have you stopped breathing?”

“Why on earth would I stop breathing?” she thought. “Wait I am holding my breath.” she realized, somewhat astonished. 

This was the beginning of her yoga journey. Going on to become an instructor, she learned awareness (of breath, of thoughts, of body) and how these phenomena affect each other. This discipline of “awareness” ultimately bestows consciousness. There is always more to realize. Dana's class is a challenging flow that elicits focus and emphasizes relationship to breath; Meditation is a healthy relationship to breath. 

“A long subtle breath calms the mind. A calm mind is the foundation for everything great” -Yogini Kaliji